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THERMALON Sinus Compress

NEW STYLE! Relieve Sinus Pressure, Tension Headaches and clear Nasal Congestion with a moist heat Sinus Mask. A 20 minute treatment provides hours of drug free pain relief. view details | view all products


About ThermalOn

Pain Management Made Easy
Quick, long-lasting relief for chronic and acute pain.

The fast, effective pain relief of moist heat and cold therapy has been used by doctors for years. Now it's available anytime, anywhere! ThermalOn products provide temporary natural pain relief from arthritis, muscle and joint pain. ...learn more
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Go from Aching to Active….Naturally!

We believe pain shouldn't get in the way of living the the life you dream of. With safe and effective drug-free pain relief from ThermalOn - it doesn't have to. Let it help you!

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